Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
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The Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild, Inc., is a nonprofit association of fireworks professionals, apprentices, individuals and enthusiasts.

The purpose of the Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild, Inc., (OPAG) founded in 1997, shall be to:

1. Promote the safe and sane display and use of pyrotechnics.

2. Encourage the legal display of public and private pyrotechnics in conjunction with personal, local and national holidays and patriotic events.

3. Promote the production and sale of high quality pyrotechnics.

4. Channel the creative energies of talented people into design, production and display of high quality pyrotechnics.

5. Provide a voice for the exhibitors, hobbyists, educators, amateur, and professional fireworks enthusiasts.

6. Provide a venue for the state of Ohio to provide continuing education for display exhibitors and apprentices.

7. Monitor legislation and lobby for legislation affecting pyrotechnics in Ohio.

8. Have fun.

Visit our fellow Ohioans from the Northeast at NEOPG

Guests and visitors are welcome to most OPAG events. All we ask is that you contact Doug Blue prior to the event so that you can receive confirmation and directions.